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História - AMISIL, Lda - Acessórios, peças, máquinas e serviços para agricultura e indústria


The Amisil Lda emerged in February 21, 1986 as a trading company of import and export of machinery, parts and accessories for agricultural and industrial purposes. In the development of its activity, and especially due to the fact of his paintings are endowed with highly skilled technicians in the world-famous brand John Deere, the positioning of the company quickly assumed a major role in the market of machinery, original parts and high quality technical assistance, in parallel with technical training and advisory activities from North to South of the country.

Since then, Amisil has consolidated its market positioning, figured to be one of the major operators in the sector, exporting including machinery and parts for markets such as Angola and Mozambique.

In recent years, the Amisil has been systematically recognized under the program, which just PME Líder consolidates confidence in us as a partner.


Initially, with the maintenance of a stock of parts and material on the Rua das Rosas in Cacém, was where the Amisil was developing its activity. In the early 90, the company acquired a new space in Massama, in which simultaneously focused administrative services and parts storage. The lease of a shipyard in Amadora served the purposes for the purposes of the stock of equipment and technical assistance.

With the turn of the Millennium, more precisely in May 2000, the Amisil acquired their current facilities: a pavilion in the Industrial zone of Armés - Sintra, with an area of 800 m² building. The facilities are located on a plot of total area of 8,000 m², which is intended for the most exposure and industrial machinery John Deere parking, among other industrial, agricultural equipment and parts, and miscellaneous.

Instalações - AMISIL, Lda - Acessórios, peças, máquinas e serviços para agricultura e indústria

Pessoas e valores - AMISIL, Lda - Acessórios, peças, máquinas e serviços para agricultura e indústria

People and values

At Amisil we believe that motivated people, inserted in a healthy and challenging work environment, develop to the fullest the qualities and capabilities. It is, therefore, that in Amisil we seek to foster a professional environment where everyone can contribute their effort and work, seeking to recognize merit and dedication.

We believe in constant training and technical development of our human resources.

Identifies with these values? You'd like to come and work with us? Send your resume to the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.